Jahresbericht Textil-Produktion

Auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder von unserer Textil-Produktionsstätte einen kurzen Überblick über die Entwicklungen des letzten Jahres erhalten. Diesen möchten wir Ihnen gerne in Auszügen vorstellen. Um die Aussagen identisch wieder zu geben, haben wir diesen im Orignal in Englisch online gestellt:

This year, we took a special aim toward the safety issue of the factory and our staff. We tightened up some of the loopholes of safety evacuate signs and plans on each floor.

We did a fire drill and fire evacuation with the aid from local fire department. Two of the staff joined two-day first aid training by Red Cross.

It gives me peace of mind to know that we are prepared for any emergency should it happens.

A new machine was added to our pattern department to help reduce their work load. It is an auto-pattern cutting machine.  I didn’t even know such thing exist!!

For our annual trip, we went to the Xi’an (the old capital of the empire) and immersed ourselves with culture and history of thousands of years old.

We visited the tombs of the warriors and it is said that none of the thousands of warriors are identical, their facial expression lively and costumes grand and detailed.

With this, it is easy to have a glimpse into the powerful Qin dynasty of more than 2200 years ago. We also visited one of the oldest temples in the country, which has one of the original Buddha relics from Gautama Buddha. During the 5 days trip, we let go the stress and worry from work, we nourished our body and soul with good food, good fun and the beauty from one of the oldest countries in the world..

This year, our charity project fund goes to the ‘ Hope World Wide ‘. One of my best friends from Taiwan has organized this event through her church work.

We  helped her to complete the target of helping 160 children’s schooling fee for 2 years in the Philippines.

We are glad that we are able to do so and that we are sure the money is used to the right cause and in a correct way.

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